August 21, 2006

ninemillion refugee children in the world dream of a better future. This campaign is helping these children realize their dreams by improving their lives in refugee camps through education and sport. Learning and play create stronger children. Stronger children build stronger communities.
Education, play and sport in refugee camps engage children in positive activities that give them hope and provide vital life tools, which can be used to rebuild lives and regain a sense of normalcy and structure in their daily lives. Refugee boys and girls each have unique needs. Girls, in particular, play an essential role in their communities. Yet they face the harshest barriers. Full of potential, they need a chance to grow, dream, achieve and help change tomorrow.

The objectives of the campaign are to:

  • raise awareness about refugee children and youth
  • raise funds for education and sport programs for refugee children and youth

Please help us tell others about ninemillion.org and give strength and dignity to the world’s nine million refugee children by telling someone you know about how they can help transform the lives of refugee children and youth today.

  1. Tell a friend
  2. Wear your ninemillion.org t-shirt
  3. Pass the ball

Help them play, let them learn.

For more details on the campaign, please Visit ninemillion.org

nine million faces.
nine million names.
nine million stories.
nine million children are refugees right now.
Help them play, let them learn.

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